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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
3575 OsmoTRX Bug New Normal osmo-trx: User Manual: Add section explaining osmo-trx thread architecture pespin 09/19/2018 11:57 AM Related to #3573
3574 OsmoBTS Bug New Normal osmo-bts: Drop -t parameter, allocate number of trx from cfg file pespin 09/19/2018 11:55 AM
3573 OsmoTRX Feature New Normal osmo-trx: Use pthread_setname to identify threads pespin 09/19/2018 11:47 AM Related to #3575
3572 OsmoBTS Bug New Normal Incorrect TDMA frame number calculation on TCH channels 09/19/2018 11:48 AM
3570 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New High Some phones (Note 8, S6 Edge) cannot register to Osmocom network roh 09/19/2018 09:53 AM
3569 OsmoBTS Bug New Normal Some phones don't receive SMSCB sysmocom 09/19/2018 09:37 AM
3568 OsmoBTS Bug In Progress High CBCH on SDCCH/8 not working for osmo-bts-sysmo laforge 09/18/2018 08:56 PM
3567 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New Normal coverity: move the secret token out of $HOME/osmo-ci/.../ lynxis 09/18/2018 08:19 PM
3566 Misc Hardware Projects Feature In Progress Normal build charger for gsm-r toys roh 09/18/2018 02:46 PM
3565 OsmoSGSN Bug New Normal osmo-sgsn crashs on ttcn3 tests lynxis 09/18/2018 01:26 PM
3564 OsmoGSMTester Feature New Normal Investigate ofono and modems Cell Broadcast support lynxis 09/18/2018 09:32 AM
3563 OsmoGSMTester Feature Feedback Normal osmo-gsm-tester: add test case: test a5/3 pespin 09/19/2018 02:04 PM Related to #3043
3562 OsmoTRX Bug New Normal osmo-trx-uhd doesn't exit after UHD device disappears 09/18/2018 06:06 AM
3561 OsmoTRX Feature Feedback Normal Document multi-arfcn support in OsmoTRX user manual pespin 09/19/2018 06:32 PM
3560 OsmoBSC Bug New High 2nd TRX of 2-TRX osmo-bts-trx setup not working anymore sysmocom 09/17/2018 02:37 PM Related to #2760, Related to #2761
3558 OsmocomBB Feature New High trxcon/scheduler: implement CBCH support fixeria 09/16/2018 02:09 PM Related to #1617
3557 OsmocomBB Bug New Normal trxcon: decoding errors after applying a new TCH mode fixeria 09/16/2018 09:52 AM
3556 OsmoSGSN Bug In Progress High OsmoSGSN fails --enable-werror on gcc >= 7 lynxis 09/18/2018 04:28 PM
3555 Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature New Normal debian-repo-install-test: check if binaries report UNKNOWN as version string osmith 09/14/2018 08:28 AM Related to #3176, Related to #3449
3554 OsmocomBB Bug New Normal trxcon/scheduler: misaligned burst reception fixeria 09/14/2018 02:08 PM
3552 pySim Bug New Normal IMSIs shorter than 15 are not encoded properly dexter 09/13/2018 02:05 PM
3550 osmo-sip-connector Support New Normal No voice when using osmo-sip in new splits with asterisk (LimeSDR-USB) 09/15/2018 04:34 AM
3549 OsmoTRX Bug New Normal osmo-trx-lms not built in osmo-trx.git/contrib/ pespin 09/12/2018 11:59 AM
3548 OsmoBSC Bug In Progress Normal COMPLETE LAYER 3 INFORMATION does not contain Codec List (BSS Supported) information element dexter 09/14/2018 06:25 PM
3547 OsmoTRX Support New Normal LimeSDR-USB experience with osmo-trx 09/17/2018 08:42 PM
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