Feature #4318

Updated by neels about 2 years ago

In Milenage auth, it is highly desirable that osmo-hlr guarantees use of distinct INDs for CS and PS domains. 
 If an MSC and SGSN attached at the same time use the same IND bucket to generate Milenage SQN, 
 that collision would rapidly waste SQNs and load osmo-hlr with requesting new auth tuples on each CS/PS Complete-Layer3. 

 Currently, osmo-msc does not indicate the CN domain in the GSUP SendAuthInfo Request, which is so far also not required nor evaluated. 
 The CN-Domain is only sent for the UpdateLocation Request that usually follows after the SendAuthInfo Request. 

 In order for osmo-hlr to be able to 100% guarantee distinct INDs for CS and PS, osmo-msc should set CN-Domain = CS in all SendAuthInfo Requests. 

 (Since officially the CN-Domain defaults to PS, osmo-sgsn doesn't necessarily need to send a CN Domain.)


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