Bug #4565

Updated by osmith 9 months ago

I'm analyzing why the TTCN-3 tests for DGSM are failing now, although they have been working before the dgsm code was merged into OsmoHLR. I think we've upgraded the ttcn-3 version inbetween, maybe that is why it worked before and does not work anymore now.

The tests run into a timeout at mDNS.receive calls, such as:
/* [mDNS] TS-HLR <= HLR proxy: query for GSUP server who knows the IMSI */
mDNS.receive(tr_MSLookup_mDNS_query(domain)) -> value mdns_msg;

While executing the tests (and even while running non-dgsm tests), the testsuite prints a new message (this was not printed when I wrote and tested the tests initially):
07:14:22.466652 5 MSLookup_mDNS_Emulation.ttcn:23 5@4a5af3fe3303: Warning: The maximum number of open file descriptors (1048576) is greater than FD_SETSIZE (1024). Ensure that Test Ports using Install_Handler do not try to wait for events of file descriptors with values greater than FD_SETSIZE (1024). (Current caller of Install_Handler is "mDNS_UDP")

So for some reason, a huge number of file descriptors is allocated. This happens even if just one test is enabled.


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