Feature #4536

Updated by laforge 8 months ago

So OpenBSC supports multiple BTSs (obviously). But sometime you want several "logical" BTS inside a single "physical" BTS.

That means that :

* You only get 1 physical link and possibly a single OML link to that physical BTS (so same/shared e1inp_sign_link *oml_link ...)

* Some OML objects needs only to be brought up once for all the "logical" BTS in the same physical one.

* In the 12.21 fields, the bts_nr field will not match the gsm_bts->bts_nr field since it starts at 0 for each physical BTS.

* ... probably other things ...

We need a way to represent that in the code and in the config.

Some thoughts:
* We could introduce another hierarchy level (bts/trx/ts -> phys_bts/virt_bts/trx/ts) but that looks like extensive changes in the code and config format
* We could have a "parent" link in bts object and so if a bts has a parent then it's not in charge of the "shared" stuff ... and the config would just have way to specify which bts is a parent. And if we restrict to having contiguous bts_nr for the child, then finding the OML 12.21 bts number for a bts is trivial (bts->nr - bts->parent->nr)
* ...


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