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EC-GSM-IoT is a GERAN extension introduced in 3GPP Release 13, aimed at enabling long-range, low-power IoT devices on top of GSM/GPRS/EDGE. 

 The feature was originally called EC-EGPRS (extended coverage Enhanced GPRS), and only later renamed for marketing reasons. 

 At the very least, it consists of very significant extensions to the RLC/MAC layer by introducing EC-BCCH, EC-PCH, EC-RACH, EC-AGCH, EC-PACCH, EC-GPRS-TBF 

 Further Reading: 
 * M2M_20140630.doc from 
 * 24.008: Update of NAS timers for EC-GSM: 
 * EC-EGPRS Multislot: 
 * 43.064: GP-151212 CR43064 Introduction of Power Efficient Operation and EC-EGPRS, Radio interface (revision of GP-151154).docx of 
 * 45.003: GP-151180 CR 45.003-0135 rev 2 Introduction of EC-EGPRS (revision of GP-151099).doc of 

 After a very brief review, it seems that at the very least 
 * new convolutional coding schemes are introduced for messages in a single burst (rather than the usual 4) 
 * 'blind retransmissions' are introduced to re-transmit messages up to 28 times 
 * new logical channels are introduced 

 i.e. changes to physical layer and RLC/MAC are required.


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