Bug #4770

Updated by lynxis about 1 year ago

The old vty interface does not support multiple binds and mixed IP based NS with ipa style and non ipa style. 

 Create a new vty interface which supports 

 - FR support 
 - FR/GRE support 
 - IP-SNS (define which binds it will use) 
 - IP-NS-alive 
 - IP-NS-reset/unblock/block 

 configuration examples: 

 1.1. sgsn with udp bind - ipa style 
 1.2. sgsn with udp bind - ns alive 
 1.3. sgsn with udp bind - with persistent nsvc 
 1.3. sgsn with sns listen on all interfaces 
 1.4. sgsn with sns listen on specific interface 
 1.5. sgsn with fr 

 2.1. pcu with binds to use when receiving info ind 
 2.2. pcu with static configuration


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