Bug #1801

Updated by laforge over 3 years ago

The AMR DTX logic operates as follows:
* if there is an incoming downlink RTP frame in the queue for this lchan, send it
* else, generate PH-EMPTY-FRAME.req or PH-DATA.req with SID payload, depending on time (also broken, see #1799) #1699)

This is flawed, as it assumes that the incoming RTP stream is always well-formed and -timed. It would for example also mean that a RTP stream with lots of extra SID frames (more than every 160ms) would result in all of those SID frames transmitted over the radio interface, where the spec says we should only transmit one SID_UPDATE every 160ms.

To quote a rule from IETF: we should be conservative in what we send and tolerant in what we receive.


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