Bug #1818

Updated by neels about 4 years ago

I observe sporadic data service failure which is solved by reconnecting the UE.

The situation looks like this:

The UE keeps sending GMM Attach Requests and the SGSN keeps answering with GMM Attach
Accepts (more often than it receives Attach Requests even), but the process never
goes on after that. I notice the lack of Iu Releases.

When I put the phone in flight mode and back online, an Iu Release (and complete UE DE-REGISTER)
is done, and after that 3G data service works immediately and well.

The SGSN never sends and Iu Release on own accord nor invalidates the UE conn unless the ever.
UE asks for an Iu Release.

There should be timeouts and the SGSN should do an Iu Release on a given conn at some
point. The UE will then re-connect with another InitialUE message and hopefully fix things.

There is possibly another hidden root cause for this situation, but this issue calls
for sane Iu Release timeouts by the SGSN.


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