Bug #5544

Updated by laforge 2 months ago

I have the following setup: 

 h2. Server side 

 * Portmater3 configured to use L2TP on a certain CalledParty number (03012345051) 
 * XL2TPD as LNS on a remote server 

 h2. Client side 

 * Debian unstable with stock debian kernel 
 * HFC-S USB-ISDN adapter 
 * Stock debian kernel mISDN 
 * mISDNuser built from source with its CAPI plugin built 
 * stock libcapi20 
 * stock debian pppd + (built from latest isdn-utils) 

 The phenomenon is quite strange: 

 * pppd complains about unsupported PPP protocol 0x7eff: 

 Apr 23 12:32:05 host3 pppd[12136]: rcvd [proto=0x7eff] 7d 23 c0 21 7d 21 7d 24 7d 20 7d 34 7d 22 7d 26 7d 20 7d 20 7d 20 7d 20 7d 25 7d 26 36 d0 24 3c ... 
 Apr 23 12:32:05 host3 pppd[12136]: Discarded non-LCP packet when LCP not open 

 * wireshark cannot decode those packets "PPP Uknknwon (0x7eff)" (see attached attachment:pm3-l2tp-hdlc.pcap) 

 The connection of course is not established. 

 I'm right now not sure if it's the client or the server to be blambed here... 

 In case anyone wants to try, feel free to dial 49-30-1234-3051 from within OCTOI.


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