Bug #1816

Updated by neels almost 4 years ago

Using the ip.access nano3g, I observe some unreliability when issuing USSD requests
from the UE towards the CN:

* When a registered UE's IuCS is in release, a USSD request succeeds very quickly:
an InitialUE message with a CM Service Request "wakes up" IuCS,
authentication and ciphering is established, then the USSD goes through.

* When the IuCS is *not* released yet but still open, e.g. a USSD is issued
right after a call or another USSD request, no message at all is received
from the nano3G. The phone shows a USSD processing dialog that "hangs".
I expect a Supplementary Services message to show on the Iuh to be
forwarded to IuCS, but the nano3G stays quiet. The USSD times out.
Waiting for another IuCS release and sending the same USSD again is then
successful again.

I assume this is a problem with the nano3G specifically.
Check how the SysmoCell behaves in this scenario.


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