Bug #2293

Updated by neels over 6 years ago

Make sure unix socket paths are placed in the run dir and cleaned up properly. 

 On the main unit for some reason there was a /tmp/pcu_bts unix socket left behind, blocking newer test runs. 

 It's a bit confusing to me why the OsmoNITB fails with error output about the BTS <-> PCU socket, but this is the output: 

 01:04:24 run     osmo-nitb_10.42.42.1(pid=8192): stderr: 
  | (launched: 2017-05-27_01:04:24) 
 | 20170527010424567 <001e> telnet_interface.c:95 telnet at 4242 
 | 20170527010424567 <0020> input/ipaccess.c:847 enabling ipaccess BSC mode on with OML 3002 and RSL 3003 TCP ports 
 | 20170527010424568 <001d> pcu_sock.c:702 Could not create unix socket: Address already in use 
 | 20170527010424568 <0005> bsc_init.c:548 PCU L1 socket failed for bts 0 
 | Reading config failed. Exiting.  


 When I removed /tmp/pcu_bts, things worked again.


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