Bug #2400

Updated by laforge over 3 years ago

SI13 reception failure If the mobile station has not received the SI13 or the PSI13 message within the
last 60 s, a SI13 reception failure has occurred. An SI13 reception failure shall result in a cell reselection. System information on PACCH (and other logical channels)

The network may broadcast PSI and SI messages on PACCH. In particular, if a mobile station is busy in packet
transfer mode or MAC-Shared state and thus unable to receive the relevant blocks on the broadcast channels
(PBCCH or BCCH) for a period longer than 15 seconds, the following requirements apply: [...]
- If PBCCH is not present in the cell, the network may broadcast the PSI13 message on PACCH such that the
mobile station may receive the PSI13 messages at least every 15 s.

So basically this means that on a TBF that has a duration longer than 60s since the last SI13 was received on BCCH, a spec-compliant MS shall start cell re-selection, which will of course interrupt the transmission. We hence must periodically schedule SI13 in PACCH.


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