Support #2497

Updated by neels about 3 years ago

It appears all SIM cards currently in the osmo-gsm-tester rnd and prod setup are configured to use XOR auth.



saw auth failing, but succeeding when setting the HLR to XOR.

XOR is currently not available, rather unusual, and the only reason that choosing XOR would lead to success is that the HLR does not provide any auth data and the MSC continues *without* authentication.

For authentication related test runs,
we need to set 'network' / 'authentication required' in the osmo-msc.cfg,
and we should probably also set 'encryption a5 3' to see that the negotiated kc works for encryption.

We do not support
may leave one of them at XOR, and we but should rather have more diverse auth algos in place.
Best would be one using Milenage (the 2G variant), one using comp128v1, one using comp128v3.

Another question is: which modems should get what. I think the sierra ones should go for Milenage and comp128v3, then maybe gobi XOR and the EC20 at comp128v1?

We then need to adjust the resources.conf and can set up different auth tests for the various algos.


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