Second prototype of m.2/NGFF modem breakout functional

Added by laforge over 4 years ago

We had recently received the prototype v2 of the m.2/NGFF WWAN modem breakout board and are happy to report that it immediately worked for both USB 3.0 super-speed as well as for PCIe. All debug results and reworks from v1 have been incorporated in this v2.

Design validation has completed, which means a first manufacturing batch is in up in the pipelnie, and we expect boards to become available from the sysmocom webshop in some 4-6 weeks (maybe a bit later due to christmas holidays).

As usual, as the project is an Open Source Hardware, and anyone can go ahead and build their own boards, see for the design files.

fun fact: The part most difficult to source is the M2x3 wide-flat-head screw that holds the M.2 card in place.


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