OsmoSTP features added (traffic-mode load-share, ...)

Added by laforge over 4 years ago

OsmoSTP has received a variety of new features over the last few weeks.

This includes:
  • operation of STP in M3UA ASP role (normally a STP operates in SG role): #2005
  • operation as STP in STCP client/connect role (normally a STP operates in SCTP server/bind): #2005
  • support for SCTP multi-homing with configurable IPs on local and remote end: #3608
  • make point-code insertion into SCCP optional at for IPA ASPs: #4219
  • dynamic creation of ASPs within an IPA/SCCPlite AS: #4218
  • support traffic-mode load-share (in M3UA and IPA): #4220

We also discovered a number of drive-by bugs which were encountered while working on the implementation of the above, see #4247, #4236, #4238, #4234, #4239, #4233, #4235, #4232 - most of which are already fixed.

We furthermore have created a TTCN-3 test suite for OsmoSTP covering those parts that the existing nplab m3ua and sua test suites don't cover. Test results of all STP related test suites can be seen (as usual) in our jenkins:

Related developments have been funded by a commercial user of OsmoSTP and implemented by pespin and laforge at sysmocom. We rely on funding for maintenance, feature development and bug fixing.


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