successful initial proof-of-concept of OCTOI TDMoIP

Added by laforge about 2 years ago

Yesterday, the concepts of the Proposed_efficient_TDMoIP could be validated in practice for the first time using the work-in-progress implementation in the laforge/e1oip branch of osmo-e1d

The setup consisted of two icE1usb USB-E1 interfaces with built-in GPS-DO transporting an E1 line over an intermediate IP network. The clock synchronization has been monitored and sufficient stability over a period of several hours was confirmed, with no underruns/overruns or cycle slips.

The compression feature was working as expected: E1 timeslots with no change compared to the previous frame were supressed. The batching feature (32 E1 frames per UDP packet) was equally working as expected.

There's still a lot of work to do to make this more usable via consume internet connections with NAT and dynamic IP addresses, but the concepts could be shown to work in practice:
  • using GPS-DO clocked icE1usb to avoid clock drift
  • using batching of E1 frames
  • suppressing transmission of timeslots with no data


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