June 2022 Osmocom CNI releases

The Osmocom project has released new version 202206 of the CNI (Cellular Network Infrastructure) software.
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The Osmocom project has released new version 202206 of the CNI (Cellular Network Infrastructure) software, including OsmoTRX, OsmoBTS, OsmoPCU, OsmoBSC, OsmoMGW, OsmoMSC, OsmoHLR, OsmoSGSN, OsmoGGSN, OsmoSTP, OsmoSIPConnector, and others.

Those new tagged/released versions contain 7 months of work since the previous versions released during November 2021.

You can find pre-compiled binary packages of our latest release for a variety of Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux versions at Latest_Builds.

List of tagged versions and link to related ChangeLog

Project Version Changelog
libosmocore 1.7.0
libosmo-abis 1.3.0
libosmo-sccp (+ OsmoSTP) 1.6.0
osmo-iuh 1.3.0
OsmoHNBGW 1.3.0
OsmoTRX 1.4.1
OsmoBTS 1.5.0
OsmoPCU 1.1.0
OsmoBSC 1.9.0
OsmoMSC 1.9.0
OsmoHLR 1.4.0
osmo-mgw 1.10.0
osmo-sip-connector 1.6.1
OsmoSGSN 1.9.0
OpenGGSN 1.9.0
osmo-pcap 0.4.0
osmo-gbproxy 1:0.3.0
osmo-cbc 0.3.0
osmo-smlc 0.2.2
osmo-e1d 0.4.0
osmo-hnodeb 0.1.0
osmo-uecups 0.2.0
osmo-e1d 0.4.0
osmo-gsm-manuals 1.3.0

Noteworthy Changes

Misc / Common

  • libosmocore: Fix several memleaks appearing under queue overflows ( async logging, gsmtap)
  • libosmocore: Improved IuUP support
  • libosmocore: New osmo_stats API which makes TCP socket statistics available as stats.
  • libosmocore: Fixes and improvements to osmo_time_cc subsystem
  • libosmocore: Improved support to run under OpenWRT (musl libc)
  • libosmovty: Implement 'no log gsmtap [HOSTNAME]' command
  • libosmovty: Add a 'skip-zero' version of 'show stats' and 'show rate-counters'
  • libosmogsm: Supprt SAI as Cell Identifier
  • libosmogsm: Handover Request ACK now contains "Codec List (BSS Supported)" IE
  • libosmogsm: Improved support encoding/decoding additional IEs in Perform Location Request
  • libosmogsm: Support decoding several more GSM 08.08 IEs
  • libusb: Several fixes and improvements
  • libosmocoding: Several fixes and improvementes to AMR and DTX support
  • libosmosim: APDU parsing support for GlobalPlatform
  • libosmoabis: TCP socket statistics of ipaccess RSL/OML are now monitored through osmocom stats
  • libosmoabis: Polling optimizations in ipaccess code (reduces CPU load)
  • libosmo-netif: osmo_stream API now supports UNIX sockets too
  • libosmo-netif: Introduced new osmo_prim API (exchange of osmo_prim based data types over IPC communication)
  • libosmo-netif: Improve and fix AMR support
  • osmo-hnbgw was moved from osmo-iuh.git to its own repository
  • Several fixes and improvements in build system regarding pkgconfig dependencies, linker, etc.


  • Fixed memleaks and NULL pointer dereferences
  • rsl: fixed parsing of the RSL MultiRate conf IE
  • cbch: fixed double-free in bts_smscb_state_reset()
  • measurement: fixed detection of SUB frames by TDMA FN
  • osmo-bts-trx: multiple performance improvements
  • osmo-bts-trx: fixed SID detection on TCH/H channels
  • osmo-bts-trx: fixed and improved the AMR loop implementation
  • osmo-bts-trx: improved Uplink measurement processing for TCH/[FH]
  • osmo-bts-trx: removed Uplink loss detection hack from Downlink path
  • osmo-bts-trx: new rate counter 'trx_sched:dl_fh_cache_miss'


  • llc: schedule frames to MS based on SAPI priority
  • Several crash fixes


  • Disable C/I based MS Power Control Loop by default
  • Multiple crash & memleak fixes
  • Lots of paging improvements and fixes (scheduling and CPU load optimizations)
  • Early avoid managing BTS which are considered to be wrongly configured at startup/connection time
  • Fix DLCI CC bits transmitted in SAPI "n" REJECT
  • bssmap_reset: make T4 user configurable
  • inter-BSC handover: Fixes in encryption
  • inter-BSC handover: Fixes and improvements to Speech related IEs
  • handover: Add handover2 penalty-time low-rxqual-ho
  • Fix handling of E-GSM ARFCNs in frequency list (Cell Channel Description IE)
  • counter: Add missing counter increment for Perform Location Request
  • counter: add counter for inter-BSC incoming Handover Request
  • Support "empty" SCCP N-Connect from MSC
  • ipa oml: Fix encoding of T3105
  • NM FSM fixes and improvements
  • System Information Type 3: allow updating T3212 at run-time
  • Fixes and improvements sending System Information Type 13
  • Improves and fixes in SMSCB code, specially in the CBSP protocol side
  • Improves and fixes in CBCH allocation and scheduling
  • Improve Adaptative Multi Rate config defaults
  • emergency call: fix RR release cause for pre-emption
  • Introduce VTY command 'ccch load-indication-period <0-255>'
  • acc: Fix erratic ramping behavior when several BTS configured
  • stats: new trackers for lchan life duration
  • stats: track TCH/SDCCH lchans reaching fully-established state
  • Fix performance for chan_counts and all_allocated stats (reduce CPU load)
  • Expand VTY option which controls use of TCH for signalling
  • ipaccess-config: improve readability of printed attribute response
  • ipaccess-config: request and print NM_ATT_IPACC_NV_FLAGS


  • Several memleak and crash fixes
  • Always send SecModeCmd for UTRAN
  • Announce IuFP audio codec for UTRAN conns in CRCX towards MGW
  • Avoid setting audio codec if not available during assignment_complete (MDCX)
  • Fix rate_ctr not being computed
  • Add VLR and SMS queue related rate counters and stat items
  • Add improvements and optimizations to sqlite based code handling the internal SMSC.
  • Drop use of libdbi in favour of using libsqlite3 directly.

OsmoHLR (and libosmo-gsup-client)

  • VTY: Fix wrong error message displayed when tyring to add an already existing subscriber
  • Introduce new CTRL commands to manage subscribers

OsmoMGW (and libosmo-mgcp-client)

  • Proper initial IuUP support
  • mgw: Fix memleak handling E1 frames
  • mgw: Some preparations for future multi-thread support

OsmoSTP (and libosmo-sigtran)

  • Several improvements to the sccp_demo_user tool
  • libosmo-sccp: M3UA/SUA: Implement handling of SCON (signaling congestion)


  • Fix forwarding of QoS Profile IE Gb<->Gn
  • Iu: add UEA encryption

OsmoGGSN (and libgtp)

  • ggsn: Fix VTY cmd 'no echo-interval' doing nothing
  • libgtp: Fix ggsn crash if pdp alloc array is full (PDP_MAX)
  • libgtp: Define retransmit QUEUE_SIZE relative to PDP_MAX (increase)
  • libgtp: Logging improvements


  • client: Add 'wqueue max-length <0-4294967295>' VTY command
  • Increase wqueue max-length default from 10 to 1000


  • Route STATUS messages with truncated PDU in error
  • Fix crash when FLUSH_LL_ACK does not contain a BVCI IE
  • Free all related BVCs if the cell is freed
  • Only route to an SGSN if the BVC is not blocked
  • New rate counters counting packet forwarding errors
  • Ensure PtP-BVCs are also reset when the SGSN SIG-BVC is reset


  • Fix several crashes
  • Fix several multi-thread issues (deadlocks, race conditions, etc.)
  • Add command line optarg support


  • icE1usb: Add support for RAI interrupt error flag
  • icE1usb: Add support for GPS-DO
  • octoi: initial support for E1oIP forwarding
  • octoi: Use RIFO (random in, first out) for IP->E1 direction
  • octoi: Add new rate-counter for out-of-order packets
  • octoi: Improve underflow/overflow conditions
  • octoi: Support setting IP DSCP and socket priority via VTY
  • octoi: Add rate_ctr for rx + tx packet / byte count
  • octoi: Make batching-factor and prefill-frame-count configurable
  • Several USB related fixes and improvements
  • Allow configuration of interfaces/lines via VTY
  • Add support for osmocom CPU schedule VTY options
  • Add rate counters for number of frames muxed/demuxed (E1 side)
  • Add stat_items for the GPS-DO related bits
  • Fix crashes


  • Set Channel Indication IE in KILL for CBS
  • Append/store results in KILL COMPLETE + KILL FAIL
  • Several crash fixes


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