2023-02-01: DATEX-L, the German CSPDN

Added by laforge 11 months ago

We're happy to announce the next incarnation of RetroNetCall, the retronetworking oriented spin-off of OsmoDevCall

This time, laforge will be presenting on DATEX-L, the German circuit-switched public data network which existed from 1967 (!) onwards.

For more background see CSPDN__Datex-L.

Topics include (not limited to)
  • timeline / history
  • network architecture
  • applications

When: Wednesday, February 1, 2023 from 20:00 CET

Time Topic Who
20:00 Meet and Greet everyone
20:10 Datex-L, the German CSPDN laforge
21:00 USSE (Unstructured Supplementary Social Event) everyone

Where: (Big Blue Button of


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