osmo-pcu (GPRS Packet Control Unit) v0.1 released

Added by laforge over 8 years ago

After months of work by Ivan Kluchnikov and Andreas Eversberg, the Osmocom GPRS Packet Control Unit (OsmoPCU) has finally reached a point where it makes sense to release a first version: v0.1

There are still a number of limitations and shortcomings, most of which should be indicated in the wiki at osmo-pcu. However, even without hand-over, timing advance loop, power control loop or dynamic link adaption of the coding scheme, it is already a useful implementation for lab-type setups and small, indoor real-world deployments.

osmo-pcu can be used either with OsmoBTS on the sysmocom sysmoBTS hardware, or with Fairwaves' branch of OpenBTS on hardware like the Ettus USRP family or UmTRX.


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