Profile server outage

Added by laforge about 8 years ago

For about one week from March 20, 2013 on most of the severs and services have been offline due to a hardware failure in the physical machine that was hosting all the virtual machines related to the project.

As I was on extensive business related travel, I couldn't go to the data center and take care of fixing the problem myself. So we had the hard disks sent to my home in Berlin, obtain a machine that has the neccessary SCA-80 connector for the old-fashioned enterprise SCSI hard disks and then start recovery by means of an old backup in the data center + rsync'ing the changes via my slow DSL uplink.

The good news is: Everything is up and running again on different hardware, and there is no data loss as the hard disk was fully intact.

In the coming weeks, we will migrate the various virtual machines over to a new (rented) physical machine, sponsored by http://​

I'd like to thank

  • zecke for providing emergency recovery for the git server
  • roh for providing an old Sun v20z to mount + read the SCA drives
    ​* for mailing the hard disks to Berlin
  • the community for their patience with the slow recovery process


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