OpenBSC License change to AGPLv3

Added by laforge about 13 years ago

Today, the OpenBSC project announces a licensing change from GPLv2+ to AGPLv3+.

The reasoning behind this license change is simple: OpenBSC is developed as Free Software in a collaborative, community-driven process. Anyone running a GSM network using OpenBSC should be mandated to release any modifications to the OpenBSC codebase to the general public - even if the actual OpenBSC software is never distributed in the sense of the GPLv2/GPLv3.

From our point of view, the AGPL makes much more sense for software used to operate communications networks than the plain GPL. Other projects like OpenBTS have already adopted AGPLv3 in the past, following the same rationale.

For more details about the AGPL, see

If you want to use OpenBSC to operate a network and are unsure about licensing issues, please contact ‚Äč


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