Version 3 of mPCIe WWAN modem USB breakout board

Added by laforge 11 months ago

We've received the first mass-produced batch of version 3 of the mPCIE WWAN modem breakout boards.

Changes from the previous version 2:
  • single-sided board with SIM slot moved to the top
  • added drill holes for simplified mounting of the board
  • added three SMA jacks (and U.FL jacks, and U.FL jumper wires) to use SMA-attached RF cabling/antennas with proper strain relief as opposed to a clumsy pigtail

As usual, all design files are published under CC-BY-SA at

Pre-manufactured/assembled boards are in stock and available as a kit with all related accessories from the sysmocom webshop:

mpcie-breakout-v3-perspective.small.jpg (520 KB) laforge, 05/24/2017 01:21 AM

mpcie-breakout-v3-kit.small.jpg (401 KB) laforge, 05/24/2017 01:24 AM