"Fernvale is an open-source development platform for the Mediatek MT6260." - from

Available from

There is support for a simple bootloader/interactive shell called fernly as well as fernvale-nuttx providing bootable but limited features on NuttX.


  • port Layer1bin - unrznbl is working on this currently
  • create library from osmocom-bb to be used in NuttX layer1 app (hopefully very little copying of code into nuttx tree)
  • port Mobile to NuttX


Apr 22 2018 - layer1 firmware has stubbed out implementations for mediatek/fernvale. layer1/main blinks the big LED on fernvale and fernly usb serial is ported so that debug messages are possible. See my mtk-layer1 branch on github.

Feb 13 2018 - fixed up Makefile.mtk so that both SciphoneDreamG2 and Fernvale firmwares build. An LED blink firmware is working on Fernvale but the loader_mtk firmware no longer seems to work on the SciphoneDreamG2.

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