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== Motorola filter replacement == 

 To replace filters on Motorola phones you will need: 

  * [ HHM1526] 
  * [ HHM1523C1] 
  * [ 04025A150JAT2A] 
  * [ 04025A220JAT2A] 

 As the shipping cost for such a small-quantity order is relatively high, a complete component kit is 
  available for online order from 

 === Remove existing baluns === 

 First you will need to remove existing balun: 

 [[Image(motorola_filter_replacement_step_1_low.jpg, 250px)]] 
 [[Image(motorola_filter_replacement_step_2_low.jpg, 250px)]] 

 === Solder new baluns === 

 Clean up the phone and solder HHM1526 and HHM1523C1 on the right places (the black dot goes up): 

 [[Image(motorola_filter_replacement_step_3_low.jpg, 250px)]] 
 [[Image(motorola_filter_replacement_step_4_low.jpg, 250px)]] 
 [[Image(motorola_filter_replacement_step_5_low.jpg, 250px)]] 

 === Solder ceramic capacitors === 

 Last step is to solder ceramic capacitors 04025A150JAT2A and 04025A220JAT2A: 

 [[Image(motorola_filter_replacement_step_6_low.jpg, 250px)]] 
 [[Image(motorola_filter_replacement_step_7_low.jpg, 250px)]] 

 === Credits === 

 Thanks to Sylvain and Peter who made this possible.
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