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API reference for the firmware

NOTE: '''this page is quite outdated. Read the source :)'''

=== hello_world.S ===

Some even earlier assembly-written test code. Mostly obsolete now, we only use it to * set the PWL (backlight) to a moderate level * jump to the C code 'main' function

=== main,c ===

This function simply serves to execute some of the driver test functions.

=== calypso_clock.c ===

==== calypso_clk_dump(void) ====
Dump the clock related registers to the serial port

==== calypso_pll_set(uint16_t inp) ====
Set the DPLL of the Calypso chip to a given value, such as CALYPSO_PLL_87_MHZ

==== calypso_reset_get(enum calypso_rst) ====
Obtain the status of DSP, External and Watchdog reset lines

==== calypso_reset_set(enum calypso_rst, int active) ====
Enable or disalbe one of the three reset signals.

=== calypso_dsp.c ===
Code related to booting the DSP inside the Calypso DBB chip.

==== dump_dsp_version(void) ====
Dump the DSP Download Status and DSP API Version to the serial port

==== dsp_power_on(void) ====
Release DSP from reset, download the bootcode and set API_NDB parameters

=== calypso_i2c.c ===
Driver for the I2C master controller in the Calypso DBB

==== i2c_init(int speed, int slaveadd) ====
Initialize the Calypso DBB I2C Master controller

'''WARNING: the parameters are currently unused. We use a static speed of 197kHz on the I2C bus'''

==== i2c_write(uint8_t chip, uint32_t addr, int alen, const uint8_t *buffer, int len) ====
Write to a I2C peripheral. * chip: I2C slave address * addr: The address inside the I2C slave * alen: length of the address field (we only support alen=1) * buffer: The data to be written to the slave * len: Length of the data to be written. We only support len <= 16!

=== calypso_spi.c ===
A driver for the Calypso DBB SPI controller

==== spi_init(void) ====
Initialize the SPI controller

==== spi_xfer(uint8_t dev_idx, uint8_t bitlen, const void *dout, void *din) ====
Perform a SPI transfer. * dev_idx: The SPI slave device index (0..4), determine which chip select to use * bitlen: Length of the transfer in number of bits * dout: Pointer of to-be-transmitted data * din: Pointer to memory where received data is to be stored (can be NULL for tx-only transfer)

=== calypso_tpu.c ===
Driver for the Time Processing Unit (TPU), still under development

=== calypso_tsp.c ===
Driver for the TSP (Time Serial Port) of the TPU, still under development

=== trf6151.c ===
Driver for the RF Frontend [wiki:TRF6151], still under development

=== font_8x8.c ===
A very simple 8x8 pixel monochrome monospaced font

=== st7558.c ===
A driver for the Sitronix [wiki:ST7558] dot-matrix LCD attached to a I2C bus

==== st7558_init(void) ====
Initialize the LCD

==== void st7558_set_attr(unsigned long attr) ====
Set display attributes (currently only DISP_ATTR_INVERT)

==== void st7558_unset_attr(unsigned long attr) ====
Unset display attributes (currently only DISP_ATTR_INVERT)

==== void st7558_clrscr(void) ====
Clear the screen

==== void st7558_putchar(unsigned char c) ====
Display a single character using the 8x8 font

==== void st7558_puts(const char *s) ====
Display a string of characters using the 8x8 font

=== twl3025.c ===
Driver for the Analog Baseband (ABB) [wiki:TWL3025], attached to SPI (dev_idx=0).

==== void twl3025_init(void) ====
Initialize the driver.

==== void twl3025_reg_write(uint8_t reg, uint16_t data) ====
Write a TWL3025 register

==== uint16_t twl3025_reg_read(uint8_t reg) ====
Read a TWL3025 register

==== void twl3025_power_off(void) ====
Power-off the phone.

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