Host Software

Host software is software that runs on the host PC, and not inside the phone itself.

Location (source and binary): src/host/layer23/*

Layer 3 applications implement various functionality based on GSM Layer 3 in combination with Layer 2 (LAPDm).


mobile is the most sophisticated OsmocomBB application so far.

It implements most of the behavior of a regular GSM telephone, but is extended in many ways with features interesting to researchers.


The cell_log application scans through valid available carrier frequencies, attempts to sync to them and dumps information gathered from the BCCH.

It is usually used to create a list of used ARFCNs and information such as their reception levels, MNC, MCC, and System Information.


The ccch_scan application can sync to a carrier ARFCN and logs power measurement and CCCH information (paging requests and Immediate Assignments).


bcch_scan is basically a predecessor of cell_log and logs information as observed on the BCCH (System Information).


cbch_sniff dumps cell broadcast channel information such as, e.g., GPS location of the cell.


virtphy is a virtual L1 implementation based on GSMTAP over UDP multicast. You can use it to run layer2/3 programs such as mobile without any actual hardware or real PHY/L1. For more information see Virtual_Um.

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