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fixeria, 01/21/2019 04:12 AM

1 8 fixeria
h1. Minimalistic L1CTL interface
2 6 zecke
3 7 fixeria
4 1 laforge
5 8 fixeria
This is the description of the minimal interface between L1 and higher layers.
Please see 'include/l1ctl_proto.h' for more details.
7 3 laforge
h2. Implementation over RS232
9 6 zecke
10 8 fixeria
When we transport the messages of this interface over RS232, we have to consider:
11 6 zecke
* multiplexing of L1A<->L23 messages with console/debug messages
* bandwidth management
14 3 laforge
15 6 zecke
h3. Multiplexing with console messages
17 8 fixeria
Instead of a protocol with a fixed header (including length of payload), we chose a minimalistic subset of HDLC.  This has the advantage that it provides multiplexing between up to 255 different channels, and it is auto-synchronizing, i.e. when data is lost, the next frame start will still be recognized by the other side.
18 3 laforge
The minimal subset of HLDC consists of UI frames only, with no CRC.
20 6 zecke
h3. Bandwidth management
23 8 fixeria
The UART in the Calypso DBB can only run up to 115200bps with standards-compliant baud rates. Higher baud rates are possible (up to 812500bps), but only as non-standard rates.  While there are serial chips like FTDI's chip that can support this, regular serial ports and popular PL2303 based cables don't support it.
24 3 laforge
25 8 fixeria
Therefore, we have to assume that the RS232 link runs at 115200bps:
26 1 laforge
* 115200bps means roughly 11,520 characters per second
* at a TDMA frame interval of 4.615ms, this means 53 characters per TDMA frame
* however, since four TDMA frames are merged into one L1 payload, we have about 212
   bytes of RS232 bandwidth for each L1 payload that we receive (260 bits == 32.5 bytes)
32 8 fixeria
This means that regular L1A operation on a single dedicated timeslot is very well possible even with lots of overhead for protocol layers, anciliary data as well as a bit of debug output. But it also means that we can not print much debug info from L1 during every TDMA IRQ.
33 1 laforge
34 8 fixeria
Also, actual L1A messaging should have a higher priority than serial console messages. It would be great to have a strict priority between those two in the serial driver layer of the phone software.
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