Mediatek 2G capable CPU.

Memory Map

RAM 0x40000000 LENGTH ? (based on some code searching, not tested yet)
SRAM 0x70000000 LENGTH 0xcfff
CONFIG_BASE at 0x80000000
CHIP_ID at 0x80000008

Base-band Notes

init sequence:
- gpio
- base-band serial interface
- base-band parallel interface
- auto power control
- auto frequency control
- download/upload
- base-band front end
- finite impulse response filter
- auxiliary analog digital converter
- chip settings
- coefficients
- turn power on

research notes:
Am looking at baseband init code that already exists:
and correlating those with sources for 6260 and 6737.

Also looking at 6235 data sheet which has rather complete information about baseband resources:


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