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h1. MT6735

Mediatek GSM/HSPA/LTE capable CPU.

Cheapest phone I have found so far is [[ZTEObsidian]]. There is another developer working on the postmarketos with a Coolpad Sky 3 that has MT6735P. Not sure of the difference between M and P versions yet. another MT6735 based device.

h2. ROM Bootloader

Uses same standard USB profile as [[Fernvale]]/[[MT6260]] and [[MT6261]] based devices. Same baud rate of 115200.

- Plug in Micro USB cable
- remove battery
- start a bootloader tool like "": (very much work in progress tool to report chip-id on various mediatek devices)
- press up volume button until beacon response is given and chip id should then be reported

h2. Memory Map

config block seems to be at 0x20000000
chip id at 0x20000008 reports properly as 6735
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