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= The {{{mobile}}} program =

The {{{mobile}}} program is one of the various host (PC) based programs that you can use together with the {{{layer1.*.bin}}} firmware images inside the phone.

{{{mobile}}} is the most sophisticated OsmocomBB application so far. It implements most of the behavior of a regular GSM telephone, but is
extended in many ways with features interesting to researchers.

Using {{{mobile}}}, you can e.g.
* perform cell (re)selection according to TS 03.22
* MM procedures like location updating, authentication, encryption
* Establish MT and MO voice calls
* Send and receive SMS
* Perform supplementary services like USSD or call forwarding
* hook it up to a PBX

In the spirit of all Osmocom projects, the user interface of {{{mobile}}} is based on text commands issued on the command line.

== Prerequirements ==

It is assumed that you have already obtained the OsmocomBB source code and compiled both the host programs as well as the firmware
(using a cross-compiler). Please see the general OsmocomBB GettingStarted for guidance.

== Getting started with {{{mobile}}} ==

You need to follow the usual procedure using a CalypsoSerialCable, [wiki:osmocon] and the {{{layer1.*.bin}}} firmware image for your phone.

{{{mobile}}} working:
* uses the configuration file {{{~/.osmocom/bb/mobile.cfg}}} {{{~/.osmocom/bb/osmocom.cfg}}}
* creates a {{{vty}}} (virtual terminal) on port 4247 (per default)
* prints the debug messages to stdout
* sends debug messages using [wiki:GSMTAP]

To start {{{mobile}}}:
cd osmocom-bb/src/host/layer23/src/mobile/
./mobile -i

You should:
* start {{{mobile}}}
* start [wiki:osmocon] and load the {{{layer1.*.bin}}} firmware image for your phone
* press the start button on your phone
To capture sent and received packets:
* launch wireshark: $ nc -u -l -p 4729 > /dev/null & wireshark -k -i lo -f 'port 4729'

To connect to the {{{vty}}}:
telnet localhost 4247
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
Welcome to the OsmocomBB Control interface

== Command Reference ==

{{{mobile}}} usage:
Usage: ./mobile
Some help...
-h --help this text
-i --gsmtap-ip The destination IP used for GSMTAP.
-v --vty-port The VTY port number to telnet to. (default 4247)
-d --debug Change debug flags.

{{{vty}}} usage:

== Missing features ==

* Handover support

== Authors ==

{{{mobile}}} was primarily written by Andreas Eversberg, based on some initial work that Harald did on layer23. The list of contributors is long, see the git log for details.
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