Elson Mobistel EL570

The Elson Mobistel EL570 is a Mediatek MT6227 based phone with touchscreen, mostly sold in Germany. It seems to be directly imported from China, and badged by Elson (

PCB scans

DBB side (facing display) RF side (facing back of phone)
preview version: DBB side of the EL570 preview version: RF side of the EL570
large version: el570_dbb_side.jpg large version: el570_rf_side.jpg

Connector pinout

EL570 connector on pcb picture of hand-crafted serial cable hold together by hot-glue ;)

Pin Signal measured voltage description
1 SPK_L 800mV left headset channel
2 SPK_R 170mV right headset channel
3 GND 0V ground, used by USB cable
4 MIC 2,800V microphone, also used for PTT button on headset
5 GND 0V ground, used by USB cable
6 GND 0V ground
7 ? 0V not connected to ground
8 ? 2,746V unknown
9 VBAT? 4,030V seems to be the battery voltage
10 USB_DM 0V USB D- (white)
11 USB_DP 0V USB D+ (green)
12 UTXD1 2,746V UART Tx
13 URXD1 2,758V UART Rx
14 USB_5V 111mV USB charging supply
15 USB_5V 111mV USB charging supply
16 ? 2,796V unknown
17 VBAT 4,070V battery +
18 VBAT 4,070V battery +

JTAG Pinout

Mobistel EL570 JTAG pinout


It uses the MTKRomloader.

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