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laforge, 02/21/2016 11:54 AM

Following is a list of hardware that is supported by OsmocomBB or work-in-progress.
The individual wiki pages will provide information about the state of current implementations.

TI Calypso based

Information specific to certain HardwareCalypso/Rita/Iota based phones that we support

  • Designed by Openmoko, manufactured by FIC
    • Neo 1973 (GTA01)
    • OpenMoko - Neo Freerunner (GTA02)

A list of potential targets that may be worth adding support for in the future is available at PotentialCalypsoTargets.

MTK based

Information specific to Mediatek phones that we have investigated:

NOTE: These phones are not supported by OsmocomBB yet. This information is provided for interested developers only

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