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steve-m, 02/19/2016 10:48 PM
add list of potential targets with the TI Calypso

=== Potential Calypso Targets ===

There are several unsupported phones, which might be able to run osmocomBB with (minor) modifications

  • Compal * Motorola C157 (only sold in China) * Motorola C119 (should work out of the box, but is untested)
  • Pirelli * Pirelli DP-L10, also comes as * Arcor Twintel DP-L10 (both have a TRF6151 transceiver)
  • Sendo * Sendo S330 (currently unsupported Silabs Aero I/I+ GSM transceiver)
  • Alcatel * E359 (TRF6151, secure romloader in flash)
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