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 h3. Potential Calypso Targets 

 There are several unsupported phones, which might be able to run osmocomBB with (minor) modifications 

 * Compal 
 ** Motorola C157 (only sold in China) 
 ** Motorola C119 (should work out of the box, but is untested) 
 ** Motorola V170 (should work out of the box as well, untested) 
 ** Motorola E365 (first Calypso-based phone that Compal made for Motorola) 

 * Chi-Mei 
 ** Motorola C168 (Si4210-X-GM [[AeroII]] Transceiver, RF3166 PA) 
 ** Motorola W220 (Silabs Aero II, romloader via [[HardwareSerialCable]] works) 
 ** "Motorola MPX220": (strange Hitachi? transceiver/PA) 

 * Pirelli (supported by now) 
 ** [[PirelliDPL10|Pirelli DP-L10]], also comes as 
 ** Arcor Twintel DP-L10 and  
 ** Telekom TC300 (all three have a TRF6151 transceiver, but TC300 has PL129J flash) 

 * Sendo 
 ** Sendo S330 (currently unsupported Silabs Aero I/I+ GSM transceiver) 
 ** Sendo SV663 (Aero I) 

 * Alcatel 
 ** E359 (TRF6151, secure romloader in flash) 

 * BenQ/Siemens 
 ** "BenQ-Siemens A38": (Calypso romloader works, HP155165BPEB transceiver, RF3166 PA) 
 ** Siemens CFX65 (transceiver unknown) 

 * Sagem M62 series phones (myX-1, "myX-1 trio":, "myX2-2":, "myX-7":, myX100, "my201x": to name a few) 
 ** tons of them, all have an Aero II transceiver, and loading custom code is only possible via (not yet figured out) JTAG 
 ** have some custom ASIC (no datasheet) which drives speaker, melody, includes voltage regulators 

 * Sony Ericsson 
 ** J100i (supported), J110i, J120i, 
 ** K200i, K220i
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