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Anonymous, 02/19/2016 10:49 PM

To compile osmocomBB or SIMtrace for the target we need a GNU Toolchain for ARM.
There are various pre-compiled toolchains available but not all of them will produce working firmware.
We will try to support all these configurations but it might take a while to identify the source of a problem.

=== GNUArm ===

The toolchains that are known working are the [] ones.
They provide a ARM GCC 3.4.3 for x86 [ here] and a ARM GCC 4.0.2 for x86_64 [ here].
The toolchain is relocatable and can be extracted in your home directory.

For x86 {{{
tar xf bu-2.15_gcc-3.4.3-c-c++-java_nl-1.12.0_gi-6.1.tar.bz2
mv gnuarm-* ~/gnuarm

For amd64 {{{
tar xf bu-*_gcc-*-c-c++_nl-*_gi-*_x86-64.tar.bz2
mv gnuarm-* ~/gnuarm

To be able to use the toolchain, add the crosscompilers to your PATH {{{
export PATH=~/gnuarm/bin:$PATH

=== Build one from source ===

If you want to build your own toolchain, known to be working with OsmocomBB, see here: [wiki:GnuArmToolchain].

=== Ubuntu packages ===
gnuarm packages from following ppa are known to work. They are known '''not'' to work for SIMtrace {{{
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bdrung/bsprak
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install arm-elf-toolchain

=== Mac OS X ===

Apparently the arm-elf-gcc 4.3.2 from ports for mac os x can compile the sourcecode as well after symlinking /opt/local/bin/arm-elf-ranlib to /opt/local/bin/arm-elf-linux-ranlib and /opt/local/bin/arm-elf-strip to /opt/local/bin/arm-elf-linux-strip.
If you omit the links, there will be unresolvable references to symbols in the libraries.

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