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h1. Accelerate3g5 


 h2. Instructions 

 This is the overview of accepted accelerate3g5 proposals. If you are an accepted contestant, please 

 * Sign up on this website by clicking the link on the top right. 
 * Send a reply to your accelerate3g5 acceptance mail to tell us your user name, so that we can grant you edit permissions. 
 * Edit this page to add your project wiki page. 

 The page title of your accelerate3g5 wiki page should be "Accelerate3g5 -- your_user_name". If you wish you may also give your project a specific name instead of "your_user_name", but please keep the "Accelerate3g5 --" prefix. 

 Add a row to below table like 

 | [[Accelerate3g5 -- your_user_name]] | short description | 

 Then click on your (red) link to create the wiki page for your project. From now on, edit that wiki page to outline your project and document your progress. 

 Please add some contact information -- without a publicly known email address, working with the Osmocom community will be hard to impossible. So if you would prefer not to disclose your private mail address, please create a dedicated email account where you handle your Osmocom mails and publish it here. 

 _Thank you for keeping your project page updated!_ 

 h1. Projects 

 |_. Project Page |_. Short Description | 
 | [[Accelerate3g5 -- neels]] | Merge the 3G branch with libvlr to allow full UMTS authentication on IuCS and IuPS | 
 | [[Accelerate3g5 -- alteholz]] | QA work and Debian packages | 
 | _add your project here!_ | | 


 h2. Getting started 

 * See [[Getting Started with 3G]] 
 * Be aware that the information on our wiki may be outdated. It would be great if you could help out by fixing errors when you encounter them. 
 * Ask questions on the _OpenBSC@_ mailing list -- see [[cellular infrastructure:Mailing Lists]] 
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