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h1. Accelerate3g5 -- dima 


 h2. Summary 

 Phones with the Replicant OS 4.2, under certain conditions would start to distort the voice under a 3G network. This issue goes away when forcing a 2G connection, but that's not ideal.  
 The plan is as follows:  
 1. Replicate this issue by trying different configurations of the femtocell 
 2. Improve the logging/debugging capabilites of the nano3G femtocell, and Replicant, as needed 
 3. Test the same configuration with the soon-to-be-released Replicant 6.0 
 4. Find a fix for the issue, beside the above mentioned hack 

 h2. Replicant issue 
 The bug is confirmed with both Replicant 4.2 and 6 (development version) 

 h2. Journal 


 h2. Conclusions 

 none yet
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