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Accelerate3g5 -- escogido


Just me. Craig Comstock <>. Nearly empty website:
I camp on freenode IRC #osmocom so feel free to get on there and ask a question. Might take a day or two for someone to reply but if you stay on they usually will answer.


  • Help with documentation, testing, troubleshooting via email/irc.
  • Research and develop 3G baseband on mediatek chips
  • Play around with qualcomm quectel modules


  • debian linux
  • EC20 modules
  • iPhone 4
  • various other 3G+ phones to test with
  • ZTE Obsidian phone - MT6735 - GSM, UMTS, GPRS, HSPA+, HSUPA, TD-SCDMA, EVDO, LTE Cat 4 (based on


  • 04/19/2017 - built all required projects with a few warnings and details
  • TODO - take build notes and suggest changes in docs, fix warnings in builds?
  • TODO - finish setting up and run the network
  • TODO - test voice, text, data
  • TODO - leverage fernly mediatek bootloader and various mediatek baseband sources to create 3G baseband, osmocom-bb?
  • TODO - setup EC20 modules and test

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