IMPORTANT NOTICE: This page contains information about a legacy version of the Osmocom software. This legacy version is no longer maintained. If you use it, don't be surprised if it doesn't work. It was your choice to ignore man-years worth of developments, improvements and fixes. Please migrate to the active/supported software (Osmocom CNI, consisting of OsmoBSC, OsmoMSC, OsmoHLR, OsmoSTP, OsmoMGW - a NITB style setup is described at Osmocom_Network_In_The_Box).


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Accelerate3g5 -- Unicorn Team


2017/03/15 -- Received the package of nano3G.


Building from source
  • PC:Ubuntu16.04
  • HardWare:ip.access nano3G
  • SoftWare:Osmocom

1.1 Install cross-compilation environment

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install libtool shtool autoconf git-core pkg-config make gcc build-essential libgmp3-dev libmpfr-dev libx11-6 libx11-dev texinfo flex bison libncurses5 libncurses5-dbg libusb-0.1-4 libpcsclite1 libccid pcscd libncurses5-dev libncursesw5 libncursesw5-dbg libncursesw5-dev zlibc zlib1g-dev libmpfr4 libmpc-dev libpcsclite-dev 
sudo ldconfig

mkdir osm
cd osm
mkdir build install src
cd src

cd ..
chmod +x
sudo bash

1.2 Add Cross compiler environment

cd install/bin

vi ~/./.bashrc
export PATH=$PATH:/home/$username(change this to your name)/osm/install/bin

#save and quit
cd ../../
source ~/.bashrc

0x02 build CalypsoBTS

2.1 Build libosmo-dsp

git clone
cd libosmo-dsp/
autoreconf -i
sudo make install
cd ..

2.2 Build osmocom-bb

git clone trx
cd trx/
git checkout jolly/testing
cd src/

# It needs TX support
# Just uncomment 'CFLAGS += -DCONFIG_TX_ENABLE' in target/firmware/Makefile

# And make with transceiver support
make HOST_layer23_CONFARGS=--enable-transceiver

2.3 Install dependency package

sudo apt-get install sqlite3 libdbi-dev libdbd-sqlite3 libsctp-dev

2.4 Build Ortp

tar -xvf ortp-0.22.0.tar.gz
cd ortp-0.22.0/
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
cd ..

2.5 Build libosmo-abis

git clone
cd libosmo-abis
autoreconf -i
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
cd ..

2.6 Build libosmo-netif

git clone
cd libosmo-netif/
autoreconf -i
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
cd ..

2.7 Build openbsc

install PCAP library frist

apt-cache search PCAP
sudo pat-get install libpcap-dev libpcap0.8 libpcap0.8-dbg libpcap0.8-dev
sudo ldconfig

git clone
cd openbsc/openbsc/
autoreconf -i
sudo make install
cd ../..

2.8 Build osmo-bts

git clone
cd osmo-bts
autoreconf -i
./configure --enable-trx
sudo make install
cd ..

2.9 Create configuration folder for OpenBSC

# Create the configuration folder if it isn't exist yet
mkdir ~/.osmocom
cd ~/.osmocom
touch ~/.osmocom/open-bsc.cfg
touch ~/.osmocom/osmo-bts.cfg

0x03 Build Cellular Infrastructure

3.1 Clone

git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

3.2 Download and run build script

chmod 777
sudo bash

h3. Run BTS

Terminal 1:

osmo-nitb -c ~/.osmocom/open-bsc.cfg -l ~/.osmocom/hlr.sqlite3 -P -C --debug=DRLL:DCC:DMM:DRR:DRSL:DNM

Terminal 2:

telnet localhost 4242

OpenBSC> show version
OpenBSC (OpenBSC).
Copyright (C) 2008-2016 Harald Welte, Holger Freyther
Contributions by Daniel Willmann, Jan Lübbe, Stefan Schmidt
Dieter Spaar, Andreas Eversberg, Sylvain Munaut, Neels Hofmeyr

License AGPLv3+: GNU AGPL version 3 or later <>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.


Configuring the ip.access nano3G


IP: (With WiFi)



3G Access Point


cd openbsc/openbsc/src/ipaccess
cd openbsc/openbsc/build-2G/src/ipaccess

sudo ./abisip-find 

telnet 3G Access Point's IP 8090

ssh -oKexAlgorithms=+diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 root@

init3@0xroot:~/osm/openbsc/openbsc/src/ipaccess$ ./ipaccess-config --help
ipaccess-config (C) 2009-2010 by Harald Welte and others

Usage: ipaccess-config IP_OF_BTS
Commands for writing to the BTS:
  -u --unit-id UNIT_ID      Set the Unit ID of the BTS
  -o --oml-ip IP        Set primary OML IP (IP of your BSC)
  -i --ip-address IP/MASK   Set static IP address + netmask of BTS
  -g --ip-gateway IP        Set static IP gateway of BTS
  -r --restart          Restart the BTS (after other operations)
  -n --nvram-flags FLAGS/MASK   Set NVRAM attributes
  -S --nvattr-set FLAG  Set one additional NVRAM attribute
  -U --nvattr-unset FLAG    Set one additional NVRAM attribute
  -l --listen TESTNR        Perform specified test number
  -L --Listen TEST_NAME     Perform specified test
  -s --stream-id ID     Set the IPA Stream Identifier for OML
  -d --software FIRMWARE    Download firmware into BTS

Miscellaneous commands:
  -h --help         this text
  -H --HELP         Print parameter details.
  -f --firmware FIRMWARE    Provide firmware information
  -w --write-firmware       This will dump the firmware parts to the filesystem. Use with -f.
  -p --loop         Loop the tests executed with the --listen command.
init3@0xroot:~/osm/openbsc/openbsc/src/ipaccess$ ./ipaccess-proxy --help
Usage: ipaccess-proxy [options]
 ipaccess-proxy is a proxy BTS.
 -h --help. This help text.
 -l --listen IP. The ip to listen to.
 -b --bsc IP. The BSC IP address.
 -g --gprs IP. Take GPRS NS from that IP.

 -s --disable-color. Disable the color inside the logging message.
 -e --log-level number. Set the global loglevel.
 -T --timestamp. Prefix every log message with a timestamp.
 -V --version. Print the version of OpenBSC.

Femto Config

phone call work fine.
SMS work fine.
Internet Date not work -.-!

Internet Date work fine :)

Clone and Build from script

tar zxvf 3G-config-example.tar
cd 3G-config-example/build
sudo apt-get install rxvt-unicode

add subscribers with auth keys in the HLR database:




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