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Build from Source

Before you consider building from source, be aware that there are Nightly Builds
available for Debian + Ubuntu platforms. These are recommended for normal users.

Generally, Osmocom projects use autoconf/automake.
The general pattern for building is:

cd source-tree
autoreconf -fi
make check
make install

The ./configure step may need further configuration options, and
./configure will tell you which dependencies are still missing, if any.
See below for project specific details and troubleshooting.

The make step may generally be sped up by using multiple CPU cores:

make -j 8

We take care to make our builds parallelizable with -j, but in case
make -j fails, issuing a simple make could fix the problem (expecting
this only in libsmpp34).


Which libraries are needed by various Osmocom programs is best resolved during
the ./configure step described below. This script checks for any missing

Here is a (probably incomplete) overview of dependencies between Osmocom

To build ... ... you also need ...
osmo-bts libosmocore, libosmo-abis, openbsc (source tree only), L1 headers depending on BTS model
osmo-pcu libosmocore, L1 headers depending on BTS model
openbsc: osmo-nitb, osmo-bsc, osmo-sgsn, osmo-bsc_nat, osmo-bsc_mgcp libosmocore, libosmo-abis, libosmo-netif, libosmo-sccp, libsmpp34
openbsc: 3G osmo-cscn (branch sysmocom/iu) libosmocore, libosmo-abis, libosmo-netif (branch sysmocom/sctp), libosmo-sccp (branch sysmocom/iu), asn1c, libasn1c, osmo-iuh
osmo-iuh libosmocore, libosmo-netif, libosmo-sccp, asn1c, libasn1c

Download Sources

The latest Osmocom sources are available from git at,
where each project's overview page displays the actual git URL.

The projects' repository URLs generally are of the pattern:


For example, to verify libosmocore's git repository URL, browse to and observe the URL shown at the
bottom of the page under Clone: git://

To download the libosmocore sources using the git client:

git clone git://

(To contribute, see Submitting Patches)

  • To submit patches, see Gerrit.
  • There are also Osmocom projects' clones at github, though these are merely
    mirrors, and pull requests will be rejected by a bot.
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