git infrastructure

Some Osmocom projects (around CNI) have chosen to use Gerrit because it makes sense for them. Other projects have chosen not to, these use Gitea. All projects can be cloned from If development for a project is done on Gerrit, the Gitea page says "mirror of".

Which git URL to use

See the README of each project to find the Gitea git clone URL.

Repositories mirrored from Gerrit have a delay of up to several hours. In case one absolutely needs to run the latest git HEAD commit (e.g. for automatic build verification and other jobs we run at, then it makes sense to directly clone from Gerrit ( etc.).


For repositories that existed before we transitioned to Gitea, we have the following to make the transition easier. Using them is not recommended.

  • Legacy clone URLs are a redirect to Gitea
  • The legacy cgit web interface is at

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