Dr.-Ing. Joachim Goeller

was a German Engineer, Scientist and Teacher for Information Technology and Telecommunications.

For more information, please see the page about him in German Wikipedia

Relation to Osmocom

When we first started to work on OpenBSC in 2008, reading the GSM specs was initially quite a bit of a challenge, and we were looking for third-party literature that could help us understand the GSM system, from the TDMA architecture and the logical channel structure on the Um interface all the way through LAPDm into the Layer 3 and call control.

We found several German publications of Dr. Goeller, including the book "Die GSM-Dm-Kanäle im Dialog, m. CD-ROM, EPV Verlag, Duderstadt 2003, ISBN 3-936318-00-X", which was used heavily particularly by Harald Welte during early Osmocom (OpenBSC and OsmocomBB) development.

In 2009, we contacted Dr. Goeller about our developments and offered to provide a setup of it with a BS-11 to him. He indicated interest in following the developments of the project, but didn't pick up the offer to get a setup himself.

Role in the GDR (East Germany)

Unknown to us at Osmocom at that time, Dr. Goeller had been instrumental to introducing the UNIX operating system to former socialist East Germany (GDR). We only learned about this after he passed away in 2015.


There are some documents that he originally published on his homepage, which unfortunately was deactivated after he passed away. We managed to contact his Sons and obtained copies of those document to give them a new, hopefully more permanent home. You can find them attached to the bottom of this page (see "Files" below in the left bottom corner).

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