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 h1. _Nightly_ Builds 

 sysmocom has setup nightly Debian/Ubuntu source package builds for the current master version of the Osmocom GSM related software.  

 *NOTE: USE NIGHTLY BUILDS ONLY FOR DEVELOPMENT/TESTING*.    The [[Latest_Builds]] are a more stable alternative. 

 Starting from March 18, 2016, there are daily builds for 

 * Debian 8 (i586, amd64) 
 * Debian 9 (i586, amd64, armv7l, aarch64) 
 * Debian 10 (i586, amd64, armv7l, aarch64) 
 * Debian testing (amd64) 
 * Debian unstable (amd64) 
 * Raspbian 10 (armv7l) 
 * xUbuntu 16.04 (i586, amd64) 
 * xUbuntu 18.04 (i586, amd64) 
 * xUbuntu 18.10 (i586, amd64) 
 * xUbuntu 19.10 (amd64) 

 The Osmocom jenkins will build source packages once a day and upload them to the Open(SUSE) Build Service (OBS).  

 The OBS page is at 

 A nice status overview on the builds is available at 

 h2. How to use the _osmocom:nightly_ builds 

 The download repositories are at: 


 For example, adding the repository to your Debian 9 system: 
 sudo su 
 sha256sum Release.key 
 => cbb03d32d144d45ba654ff9ed16361218d224a1bdffbdf2832c48e796b955aa8 
 apt-key add Release.key 
 rm Release.key 
 echo "deb ./" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/osmocom-nightly.list 
 apt-get update 

 h2. How are those builds created? 

 See for corresponding build job. 

 The script at is used to 
 * obtain a current clone of the respective git repository 
 * check out the current master in that repository 
 * build debian source packages 
 * upload them to the OBS *network:osmocom:nightly* sub-project. 

 It's possible to reproduce the nightly builds locally using 
 osc co 
 osc build 

 To test local changes with one can create local packages the same way jenkins job above does: 
 gbp buildpackage -S -uc -us --git-ignore-new --git-export-dir=/tmp 
 and than repeat build steps outlined above for local build. 

 h2. E-Mail Notifications of build failures 

 Build failure notifications are sent to the "gerrit-log mailing list":
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