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neels, 10/20/2017 01:16 AM

OsmoNITB Migration Guide

Historically, Osmocom offered the OsmoNITB "Network-In-The-Box" as an actual single program. It was a useful simplification at the time, but in 2017, Osmocom have decided to split OsmoNITB into programs more closely resembling traditional network architecture. It is recommended to use the new separate components instead of the OsmoNITB, since active development focus has moved there.

Creating a new Network In The Box from scratch is described at Osmocom Network In The Box, please refer to that page to complement the descriptions found here.

This page aims at describing the steps necessary to move from a working operation of osmo-nitb to the new split components.

Subscriber Database


Configuration Files


Service Files


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