Point Codes

This wiki page documents a number of point codes that we use by default, in case the user has not explicitly overwritten them in their configuration.

The rationale of using default point codes is to hide related complexity from users in simple "NITB style" setups, where they simply want to run an autonomous network without the complexity of SS7/SIGTRAN.

All point codes are using standard ITU-T 3.8.3 format!

Pointcode Interfaces
0.23.1 OsmoMSC A (SSN: BSSAP), IuCS (SSN: RANAP)
0.23.3 OsmoBSC A (SSN: BSSAP)
0.23.4 OsmoSGSN IuPS (SSN: RANAP)
0.23.5 OsmoHNBGW IuCS, IuPS (SSN: RANAP)
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