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List of TCP/UDP Port numbers

Below is a list of TCP/UDP port numbers as it is used by Osmocom GSM related software.

L4 Port Number Purpose Software
UDP 2427 MGCP GW osmo-bsc_mgcp, OsmoMGW
SCTP 2905 M3UA OsmoSTP
TCP 3002 A-bis/IP OML OsmoBTS, OsmoBSC, OsmoNITB
TCP 3003 A-bis/IP RSL OsmoBTS, OsmoBSC, OsmoNITB
TCP 4237 telnet (VTY) reserved for osmo-pcap-client
TCP 4238 telnet (VTY) reserved for osmo-pcap-server
TCP 4239 telnet (VTY) OsmoSTP
TCP 4240 telnet (VTY) OsmoPCU, osmo_pcap_client
TCP 4241 telnet (VTY) OsmoBTS, osmo_pcap_server
TCP 4242 telnet (VTY) OsmoNITB, OsmoBSC, cellmgr_ng
TCP 4243 telnet (VTY) OsmoMGW, osmo-bsc_mgcp
TCP 4244 telnet (VTY) osmo-bsc_nat
TCP 4245 telnet (VTY) OsmoSGSN
TCP 4246 telnet (VTY) osmo-gbproxy
TCP 4247 telnet (VTY) OsmocomBB
TCP 4249 Control Interface OsmoNITB/OsmoBSC
TCP 4250 Control Interface osmo-bsc_nat
TCP 4251 Control Interface OsmoSGSN
TCP 4252 telnet (VTY) sysmobts-mgr
TCP 4253 telnet (VTY) OsmoGTPHub
TCP 4254 telnet (VTY) OsmoMSC
TCP 4255 Control Interface OsmoMSC
TCP 4256 telnet (VTY) Osmo-sip-connector
TCP 4257 Control Interface OpenGGSN/OsmoGGSN
TCP 4258 telnet (VTY) OsmoHLR
TCP 4259 Control Interface OsmoHLR
TCP 4260 telnet (VTY) OsmoGGSN
UDP 4729 GSMTAP Almost every osmocom project
TCP 5000 A/IP osmo-bsc_nat
UDP 23000 NS-over-IP OsmoSGSN,OsmoPCU,osmo-gbproxy

See also:

Modifications should be kept in sync between this wiki page, the header files
and the osmo-gsm-manuals.


If you are continuously working with osmocom software, as a convenience helper, you might add something like

osmo-pcap-client        4237/tcp
osmo-pcap-server        4238/tcp
osmo-stp                4239/tcp
osmo-pcu                4240/tcp
osmo-bts                4241/tcp
osmo-bsc                4242/tcp        osmo-nitb
osmo-mgw                4243/tcp        osmo-bsc_mgcp
osmo-bsc_nat            4244/tcp
osmo-sgsn               4245/tcp
osmo-gbproxy            4246/tcp
osmocombb               4247/tcp
sysmobts-mgr            4252/tcp
osmo-gtp-hub            4253/tcp
osmo-msc                4254/tcp
osmo-sip-connector      4256/tcp
osmo-hlr                4258/tcp
osmo-ggsn               4260/tcp

to the end of your /etc/services file. This will allow you to do something like telnet localhost osmo-bsc rather than having to remember that the number was 4242.

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