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= Software Licensing =

The following notes apply to software described on this wiki, developed as part of the Osmocom project.
Specifically, it applies to OpenBSC, osmo-bsc, osmo-sgsn, gb_proxy, ipaccess-config, bsc_nat, bsc_mgcp, ...

For reasons of simplicity, we always call it ''OpenBSC'' here.

'''OpenBSC is copyrighted software like any other computer program. In order to use OpenBSC, you need
a license from the copyright holders.'''

If you do not arrange for a different license with the copyright holders, the software ships with a
default license: The [ AGPLv3] (GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3).

General idea behind the License

The general idea behind our licensing model is as follows: You receive the full source code of
the OpenBSC software and can use it like you see fit, '''but''' we require you to release the
source code of any modifications or derivative work you create.

With AGPL, it does not matter whether you ever distribute the OpenBSC software. As soon as you
provide a GSM network using OpenBSC, all users are entitled to receive a copy of the license text
and the ''complete corresponding source code'' of the very version you are using to run the GSM network with.

Alternative Licenses / Dual Licensing

If you do not agree to the abovementioned conditions, you may contact the copyright holders and apply for
an alternative license. Business details will depend on your intended use case, size of the installation, ...

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