Upgrading eclipse-titan in the Osmocom OBS

This article explains how maintainers of can upgrade the eclipse-titan package or add patches to it, e.g. to fix building against a newer GCC.

Running the testsuite against new/different versions of eclipse can be done with *-titan-master in docker-playground (see this patch).

Find the Osmocom git repository

The OBS package gets built from a git repository. Find the path to it in osmo-ci/scripts/obs/ As of writing:

Add patches to current version

Push a patch to the current branch, e.g. osmocom/9.0.0. Then run:

$ ./ PROJ

Replace PROJ with home:yourusername first, to build the package there and test it. Afterwards set PROJ to osmocom:latest.

Upgrade the version

  • Clone the git repository
  • Add the upstream repository as second remote:
  • Push the git tag of the next version to the Osmocom git repository (this is needed, so the package version gets calculated properly)
  • Rebase the osmocom/<OLD-VERSION> branch on that release tag
  • Create a osmocom/<NEW-VERSION> branch based on that rebase
  • Run as described above

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