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h1. Videos of Osmocom (Cellular Network) related Presentations 

 This is a non-exhaustive list of video recordings of Osmocom related presentations. If you have any additional suggestions, feel free to register a wiki account for editing or contact with your suggestion. 

 |2018-10-19|OsmoCon 2018|Osmocom Roadmap: 2019 and beyond|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-10-19|OsmoCon 2018|Load-based hand-over in OsmoBSC|Neels Hofmeyr|| 
 |2018-10-19|OsmoCon 2018|Inter-BSC hand-over in OsmoBSC|Neels Hofmeyr|| 
 |2018-10-19|OsmoCon 2018|Local Call, Local Switch: 3GPP LCLS in Osmocom|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-10-19|OsmoCon 2018|External SMS Services using SMPP|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-10-19|OsmoCon 2018|SIMtrace2 - an incremental update to SIMtrace|Kevin Redon|| 
 |2018-10-19|OsmoCon 2018|External SS/USSD interface|Vadim Yanitskiy|| 
 |2018-10-19|OsmoCon 2018|osmo-remsim: Remote SIM card Software|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-10-19|OsmoCon 2018|OsmoMGW, MGCP and how it is used|Philipp Maier|| 
 |2018-10-19|OsmoCon 2018|A Fault tolerant Core network - Distributed GSM|Keith Whyte|| 
 |2018-10-18|OsmoCon 2018|Open Source Java applets for (not only) sysmoUSIM-SJS1|felix.ontanon|| 
 |2018-10-18|OsmoCon 2018|WaveMobile: Operating a small, real-world roaming 2G network using Osmocom|Anthony Thimson|| 
 |2018-10-18|OsmoCon 2018|OsmoTRX status + support for more drivers/SDR APIs like LimeSuite|Pau Espin|| 
 |2018-10-18|OsmoCon 2018|SIM cards in Osmocom networks|Philipp Maier|| 
 |2018-10-18|OsmoCon 2018|Community cellular network implementations in Latin America|Peter Bloom|| 
 |2018-10-18|OsmoCon 2018|The 2018 Osmocom automatic testing offensive|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-10-18|OsmoCon 2018|10 years of Osmocom|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-10-18|OsmoCon 2018|Osmocom developer panel|Steve, Steve Markgraf, Sylvain Munaut, Neels Hofmeyr and Pau Espin|| 
 |2018-10-18|OsmoCon 2018|Sylvain Munaut|Open Hardware USB E1 Interface (WIP)|| 
 |2018-10-18|OsmoCon 2018|osmo-fl2k - the [evil] transmit-side brother of RTL-SDR|Steve Markgraf|| osmo-fl2k - the [evil] transmit-side brother of RTL-SDR| 
 |2018-10-18|OsmoCon 2018|Welcome to OsmoCon 2018|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-04-23|OsmoDevCon 2018|jenkins, gerrit, tooling|Alexander Couzens|| 
 |2018-04-22|OsmoDevCon 2018|GAPK (GSM Audio Packet Knife) status update|Vadim Yanitskiy|| 
 |2018-04-22|OsmoDevCon 2018|SDR PHY for OsmocomBB status update|Piotr Krysik and Vadim Yanitskiy|| 
 |2018-04-22|OsmoDevCon 2018|Adaptive Digital Predistortion on LimeSDR|b.jovanovic and d.webster|| 
 |2018-04-22|OsmoDevCon 2018|Implementation of GPRS support for OsmocomBB|Vadim Yanitskiy|| 
 |2018-04-22|OsmoDevCon 2018|GSM burst transmission in GNU Radio|Piotr Krysik|| 
 |2018-04-22|OsmoDevCon 2018|XTRX status update|Sergey Kostanbaev|| 
 |2018-04-22|OsmoDevCon 2018|USB VGA dongles and SDR|Steve Markgraf|| 
 |2018-04-22|OsmoDevCon 2018|FakeTRX toolkit for virtual Um-interface|Vadim Yanitskiy|| 
 |2018-04-21|OsmoDevCon 2018|nextepc as LTE core network|Sukchan Lee|| 
 |2018-04-21|OsmoDevCon 2018|OpenSUSE packaging of Osmocom|Martik Hauke|| 
 |2018-04-21|OsmoDevCon 2018|Faster VTY and CTRL interface test|Neels Hofmeyr|| 
 |2018-04-21|OsmoDevCon 2018|Review of 34C3 cellular network|Alexander Couzens|| 
 |2018-04-21|OsmoDevCon 2018|TTCN-3 introduction|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-04-21|OsmoDevCon 2018|State of the Osmocom TTCN-3 Test Suites|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-04-21|OsmoDevCon 2018|state of osmo-gsm-tester|Pau Espin|| 
 |2018-04-21|OsmoDevCon 2018|3GPP specifications revision control|tsaitgaist|| 
 |2018-04-20|OsmoDevCon 2018|osm-mgw: The new Osmocom Media Gateway|Philipp Maier|| 
 |2018-04-20|OsmoDevCon 2018|Osmocom KPI: counters, rate counters, stats items, statsd|Daniel Willmann|| 
 |2018-04-20|OsmoDevCon 2018|External USSD interface|Vadim Yanitskiy|| 
 |2018-04-20|OsmoDevCon 2018|2017 retrospective: The year of the {NITB split, regressions}|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-04-20|OsmoDevCon 2018|Ericsson RBS 6000 base stations|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-04-20|OsmoDevCon 2018|Re-introducing E1/T1 to post-NITB Osmocom|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-04-20|OsmoDevCon 2018|Software Defined E1|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-04-20|OsmoDevCon 2018|load-based hand-over in OsmoBSC| Neels Hofmeyr|| 
 |2018-04-20|OsmoDevCon 2018|Welcome to OsmoDevCon 2018|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-04-20|OsmoDevCon 2018|year 1 after the NITB split / new features, "dropped" features|Neels Hofmeyr|| 
 |2018-04-20|OsmoDevCon 2018|3GPP LCLS: Local Call, Local Switch|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-04-20|OsmoDevCon 2018|The IuUP (User Plane) Protocol|Harald Welte|| 
 |2018-04-20|OsmoDevCon 2018|MGCP and where/how we use it in Osmocom|Philipp Maier|| 
 |2018-04-01|EeasterHegg 2018|What happens on a protocol level when I switch on my phone? (German)|Harald Welte|"CCC":| 
 |2018-04-01|EeasterHegg 2018|TTCN-3 and Eclipse TITAN for testing protocol stacks (German)|Harald Welte|"CCC":| 
 |2017-12-29|34C3|Running GSM mobile phone on SDR|Vadim Yanitskiy + Piotr Krysik|"CCC":| 
 |2017-07-11|BT Mini Hackathon|Osmocom presentation at BT Mini Hackathon|Daniel Willmann|"Youtube":| 
 |2017-07-05|-|Osmocom 3G demo|Unicorn Team|"Youtube":| 
 |2017-04-21|OsmoCon 2017|Welcome / Introduction / Osmocom Project 101|Harald Welte|"CCC":| 
 |2017-04-21|OsmoCon 2017|Supported Base Station Hardware|Alexander Chemeris, Harald Welte|"CCC":| 
 |2017-04-21|OsmoCon 2017|Running a basic circuit-switched Osmocom GSM network|Harald Welte|"CCC":| 
 |2017-04-21|OsmoCon 2017|OpenCellular: Open Source Wireless Access Platform|Emily McMilin, Kashif Ali|"CCC":| 
 |2017-04-21|OsmoCon 2017|Setting up a 3G network using osmo-iuh and a femto/small cell|Neels Hofmeyr|"CCC":| 
 |2017-04-21|OsmoCon 2017|Showcase: Running a commercial cellular network with OsmoBTS/OsmoPCU/OsmoBSC & Co|Roch-Alexandre Nomine|"CCC":| 
 |2017-04-21|OsmoCon 2017|Osmocom Roadmap|Harald Welte|"CCC":| 
 |2017-04-21|OsmoCon 2017|Fundamental GSM radio frequency planning|Harald Welte|"CCC":| 
 |2017-04-21|OsmoCon 2017|Configuring + running GPRS/EDGE data services with OsmoPCU, OsmoSGSN and OpenGGSN|Daniel Willmann|"CCC":| 
 |2017-04-21|OsmoCon 2017|Interfacing with VoIP using osmo-sip-connector|Philipp Maier|"CCC":| 
 |2017-04-21|OsmoCon 2017|Using the Osmocom CTRL interface|Max Suraev|"CCC":| 
 |2017-04-21|OsmoCon 2017|Reporting and investigating issues in Osmocom|Daniel Willmann|"CCC":| 
 |2017-04-05|Troopers 2017|Dissecting Modern (3G/4G) Cellular Modems|Harald Welte|"Youtube":| 
 |2016-08-05|EMFcamp 2016|Osmocom - Open Source Mobile Communications|Harald Welte|"CCC":, "Youtube":| 
 |2016-06-28|-|Osmocom OmsoTRX/OsmoBSC GSM stack running on LimeSDR|Alexander Chemeris|"Youtube":| 
 |2016-02-xx|netdev 1.1|Running Cellular Network Infrastructure on Linux|Harald Welte|"Youtube":| 
 |2014-12-02|OpenFest 2014|SIM card protocol tracing using Osmocom SIMtrace|Harald Welte|"Youtube":| 
 |2014-12-02|OpenFest 2014|Software Defined Radio and rtl-sdr|Harald Welte|"Youtube":| 
 |2014-07-13|DORS/CLUC 2014|Osmocom introduction|Harald Welte|"Youtube":| 
 |2014-04-xx|OsmoDevCon 2012|OsmoBTS|Harald Welte|"Youtube":| 
 |2014-04-xx|OsmoDevcon 2012|osmo-codegen - Ideas about code generation|Harald Welte|"Youtube":| 
 |2014-04-xx|OsmoDevCon 2012|OpenBTS Layer1|David Burgess|"Youtube":| 
 |2014-04-xx|OsmoDevCon 2012|libosmo-abis and libosmo-netif|Pablo Neira|"Youtube":| 
 |2014-04-xx|OsmoDevCon 2012|Introduction to femtocells|Kevin Redon|"Youtube":| 
 |2014-02-08|FOSDEM 2014|Overview of Osmocom SDR Projects|Sylvain Munaut|"Youtube":| 
 |2013-12-xx|30C3|German Interview about using OsmocomBB phone as base station|Andreas Eversberg|"Youtube":| 
 |2013-xx-xx|COSCUP 2013|Osmocom introduction|Harald Welte|"Youtube":| 
 |2012-12-29|29C3|Futher hacks on the Calypso Platform|Sylvain Munaut|"CCC":,"PDF":| 
 |2012-12-28|29C3|Let Me Answer That for You - adventures in mobile paging|Nico Golde|"CCC":| 
 |2012-12-28|EHSM 2012|Osmocom introduction|Harald Welte|"Youtube":| 
 |2012-12-07|OpenFest 2012| introduction|Harald Welte|"Youtube":| 
 |2012-05-31|PHDays 2012|Abusing Calypso phones|Sylvain Munaut|"Youtube":, "PDF":| 
 |2012-04-xx|OsmoDevCon 2012|OsmoPCU: GPRS Implementation for OpenBTS/OsmoBTS|Ivan Kluchnikov|"Youtube":| 
 |2011-12-28|28C3|Applied Research on security of TETRA radio|Harald Welte|"CCC":| 
 |2011-12-29|28C3|Cellular protocol stacks for Internet|Harald Welte|"CCC":, "Youtube":| 
 |2010-11-25|Deepsec 2010|Cheap DOS and intercepts on GSM|Sylvain Munaut|"Youtube":| 
 |2010-11-25|Deepsec 2010|OsmocomBB - Free Software GSM baseband firmware for security analysis|Harald Welte|"Youtube":| 
 |2010-11-03|#days 2010|OsmocomBB - A tool for GSM protocol level security analysis of GSM networks|Harald Welte|"Youtube":| 
 |2011-08-12|CCCamp 2011|Applied Research on security of TETRA radio - digital radio technology beyond GSM|Harld Welte|"CCC":| 
 |2011-08-10|CCCamp 2011|GPRS Intercept - Wardriving phone networks|Karsten Nohl,Luca Melette|"CCC":| 
 |2010-12-28|27C3|Wideband GSM Sniffing|Karsten Nohl,Sylvain Munaut|"CCC":| 
 |2010-12-27|27C3|SMS-o-Death - From analyzing to attacking mobile phones on a large scale|Collin Mulliner and Nico Golde|"CCC":| 
 |2010-12-20|27C3|Running your own GSM stack on a phone|Steve Markgraf, Harald Welte|"CCC":, "Youtube":| 
 |2009-12-29|26C3|Using OpenBSC for fuzzing of GSM handsets|Harald Welte|"CCC":| 
 |2009-12-29|26C3|Playing with the GSM RF Interface - Doing tricks with a mobile phone|Dieter Spaar|"CCC":| 
 |2008-12-28|25C3|Anatomy of smartphone hardware|Harald Welte|"CCC":, "Youtube":| 
 |2008-12-29|25C3|Running your own GSM network|Dieter Spaar, Harald Welte|"CCC":, "Youtube":| 

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