February 2023 Osmocom CNI releases

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The Osmocom project has released new version 202302 of the CNI (Cellular Network Infrastructure) software, including OsmoTRX, OsmoBTS, OsmoPCU, OsmoBSC, OsmoMGW, OsmoMSC, OsmoHLR, OsmoSGSN, OsmoGGSN, OsmoSTP, OsmoSIPConnector, and others.

Those new tagged/released versions contain 7 months of work since the previous versions released during end of June 2022.

You can find pre-compiled binary packages of our latest release for a variety of Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux versions at Latest_Builds.

List of tagged versions and link to related ChangeLog

Project Version Changelog
osmo-gsm-manuals 1.4.0
libosmocore 1.7.0
osmo-e1d 0.5.0
libosmo-abis 1.4.0
libosmo-netif 1.3.0
libosmo-pfcp 0.2.0
libosmo-sccp (+ OsmoSTP) 1.7.0
osmo-iuh 1.4.0
libusrp 3.4.7
libgtpnl 1.2.4
libasn1c 0.9.35
libsmpp34 1.14.2
OpenGGSN 1.10.0
OsmoHLR 1.6.0
osmo-mgw 1.11.0
osmo-pcap 0.4.1
OsmoTRX 1.5.0
OsmoBTS 1.6.0
OsmoPCU 1.2.0
OsmoBSC 1.10.0
OsmoMSC 1.10.0
OsmoSGSN 1.10.0
osmo-gbproxy 1:0.4.0
osmo-cbc 0.4.1
osmo-smlc 0.2.3
osmo-sip-connector 1.6.2
OsmoHNBGW 1.4.0
osmo-hnodeb 0.1.1
osmo-uecups 0.2.1

Noteworthy Changes

Misc / Common

  • libosmocore: Fixes in rate_ctr accuracy (due to timer skews)
  • libosmocore: New modules with APIs to manage network devices (netdev) and tunnel devices (tundev)
  • libosmovty: Allow using hex representations in cmd numeric ranges
  • libosmoabis: e1_input: enable tcp keepalive by default
  • libosmoabis: e1_input: Connect timeout in seconds can now be specified over VTY
  • libosmoabis: Improved support for HDLC/RAW type channels in mISDN
  • libosmotrau: trau_sync: Introduced support of Ericsson RBS GPRS TRAU synchronization frames
  • libosmo-netif: osmux: Drop long time deprecated APIs
  • libosmo-netif: osmux: Introduce new set of APIs to allocate handles
  • libosmo-netif: osmux: Lots of implementation fixes and improvements
  • libosmo-netif: stream: Provide caller with SCTP flags during osmo_stream_*_recv()
  • libosmo-netif: stream: Several performance optimizations/fixes managing the socket
  • libosmo-netif: amr: Introduce utils/osmo-amr-inspect program
  • Lots of general fixes and improvements in code robustness
  • Improved unit test coverage
  • Several fixes and improvements in build system regarding pkgconfig dependencies, linker, etc.
  • Improvements in systemd services


  • Initial user manual for osmo-e1d
  • Added Doxygen API documentation for libosmo-e1d
  • Support for e1-tracer hardware
  • Support for DAHDI trunkdev
  • usb: Add support for new GPSDO status field "Accumulated error"
  • osmo-e1d-pipe: Add command line option for --force open of timeslot
  • Several code fixes


  • Lots of code refactoring to further split the different GPRS layers (BSSGP/LLC/SNDCP/GMM)
  • vty: Make new libgtp tdefs configurable through VTY

OsmoHLR (and libosmo-gsup-client)

  • vty: Add 'reject-cause' command to set the LU reject cause
  • Several fixes and improvements in code (mdns, mslookup, vty)

OsmoMGW (and libosmo-mgcp-client)

  • Lots and lots of osmux improvements
  • Improvements and fixes forwarding RTP AMR <-> IuUP (2G<->3G)
  • Support codec "CLEARMODE/8000" (Circuit Switched Data, RFC4040)
  • mgcp-client: Introduce APIs to manually select mgcp_client from pool
  • mgcp-client: Deprecate old VTY "mgcp" node, users are expected to use MGW Pool VTY node now


  • Introduce Osmux support
  • Fixes and improvements in the AMR loop
  • shutdown_fsm: Avoid TCP/IPA RSL sockets continue conn establishment while shutting down
  • shutdown_fsm: Only ramp down power when stopping bts through Ctrl-C
  • osmo-bts-trx: handle MTS 0b0110 indicating an Access Burst
  • osmo-bts-trx: respond to tx-attenuation config in real time
  • oc2gbts_mgr_calib: fix build against gpsd >= 3.20


  • Fixes for several scenarios where osmo-pcu was interacting wrong with MS:
    • Delay ImmAss(PCH, PktDlAss) if waiting for PKT_CTRL_ACK answering UL_ACK_NACK (FinACK=1)
    • tbf_ul: Assign DL-TBF if needed after UL-TBF has gone over contenion resolution
  • Initial support Handling PktResReq with ID_TYPE=UL/DL_TFI
  • Reproduce (unit test) and fix a crash when several TRX are in used and MS is allocated a TBF in one TRX and later in another one
  • Another round of big cleanup, refactor and improvement of existing code


  • Lots of paging fixes and CPU optimizations (this used to be the CPU limiting factor of osmo-bsc before when lots of BTS were attached)
  • Implement lchan assignment selection mode "dynamic"
  • Add Osmux support on the Abis-side data plane
  • Deprecate old "mgcp" VTY node, use new "mgw" MGW Pool VTY node instead
  • Introduce support for MGW-pinning per BTS
  • Add BTS setup ramping to prevent BSC overloading
  • Some fixes and improvements on code transmitting SMSCB
  • Fix parsing multi-band list in Measurement Reports
  • Fix Speech Codec cfg in BSSMAP Assignment Complete
  • Fix crash if PagingResponse with invalid MobileIdentity is received
  • Fix identifying subscribers by IMEI (emergency call with no SIM card available)
  • vty: Allow setting LAC as hexadecimal value
  • vty: 'hopping arfcn add': succeed if adding arfcn already in set
  • vty: Fix indentation in osmux cmd during write-config output
  • vty: Fix and deprecate typo in cmd 'amr-payload bandwith-efficient'
  • vty: Add support for Ny1 configuration
  • ctrl: Add command for sending power_control default params
  • ctrl: Introduce hopping-arfcn-{add,del} commands
  • ctrl: Add GET for bts neighbor-list (local bts numbers)
  • timeslot_fsm: Warn in case Ercisson RBS uses static PDCH
  • om2000: Several improvements managing Abis
  • bts_nokia_site: Implement channel config for CBCH
  • Several bug and memleak fixes


  • vty: Introduce support for libosmo-mgcp-client MGW pooling
  • Improved performance and robustness handling sqlite database
  • Change CC_CAUSE returned on unanswered MT Call to "No User Responding"
  • LCLS: Fix Global Call Reference generation

OsmoSTP (and libosmo-sigtran)

  • libosmo-sccp: Improvements/fixes sending big dta chunks (>130 bytes) over SIGTRAN SCCP

OsmoGGSN (and libgtp)

  • ggsn: Introduce tdef and make it configurable over VTY
  • gtp: Introduce VTY configurable GTP timer X3


  • Implement LL DISCARD with second BVCI
  • vty: Add commands to list Cell/BVC of an NSE


  • Support to forward traffic through a co-located UPF (OsmoHNBGW can talk PFCP now)
  • Support for libosmo-mgcp-client MGW pooling
  • Lots of improvements & bug fixes triggered by flaky links triggering unusual SCTP cases
  • Fix RANAP messages leaked whenever MGW or UPF is involved.
  • Fix bug where M3UA/SCCP stopped working after 2**24 connection IDs had been allocated
  • Fix segfault on MGCP timeout


  • Add file for RPM building

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